London Fire Brigade

What we do

At the London Fire Brigade (LFB), our primary focus is on protecting the lives and properties of Londoners from fires and other emergencies. Our highly trained firefighters are equipped to handle any situation, from battling blazes to conducting swift rescues. We respond to emergencies with speed and efficiency, providing assistance and support when it's needed most. Our proactive approach to fire prevention includes community education and rigorous enforcement of safety regulations. Additionally, our specialized rescue teams are prepared for diverse challenges, such as urban search and rescue operations and water rescues. At the LFB, our commitment to safeguarding London remains unwavering, as we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors.

Rank Structure

  • Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Assistant Commissioner
  • Borough Commander
  • Station Commander
  • Station Officer
  • Sub-Officer
  • Leading Firefighter
  • Firefighter

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