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Prime Modifications

Prime Modifications, believes in making your GTA experience as immersive and as British as possible. We are here to provide all of our clients with the best products, carefully tailored and selected for your convenience. We strive to provide a comprehensive customer service approach, ensuring that all of your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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Harmony Radio

Your hit music station, an up-and-coming radio station bringing you the latest hit music from all around the globe.

Your Music, Your Harmony

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Sinners Mod Shop

They provide highly detailed British EUP and amazing prices. Everything they create is 100% realistic and makes a great addition to any British Roleplay server. You may have wondered how our advanced EUP looks so good and the answer is... Sinners Mod Shop!

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Want a partnership with us?

Simply join our discord server and open a ticket explaining your partnership idea. We will then work with you to ensure the partnership is right for all involved!