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About Us

AxielPD has come a very long way, but why not take a read of our journey and how we built such an amazing community.

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    When it all started...

    It all started in May of 2020 when the idea of bringing a FiveM server to Axiel was launched. Of course the first thing Chicken did was run to Toxic's discord DM and ask him for help. Progress was very slow with both Chicken & Toxic being busy with other projects but here and there a few american styled police vehicles were being added. And yes.. You read that right. American.

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    Decisions were made!

    After very little pursuation, Chicken soon decided that American based RP wasnt for him so therefor took the decision to make the server British themed instead. August of 2020 was when The Josh was called in to help develop the server alongside Chicken & Toxic and it took off! Progress started slowly with a very limited knowledge of FiveM development but the team stuck at it. Watching endless YouTube videos, constant google searches and many late nights.

    Not too long after, the almighty AxielPD Google sheet was created! This document is still in use today with the developers as a way to keep all development ideas in one place. Oh boy, if you got your hands on this google sheet it would be like gold dust! That day, the sheet was filled with loads of ideas and projects that needed to be completed ready to get AxielPD released. Then on the 24th August 2020 the first eve vehicle was added to the server. A VW Passat! The handling was terrible and would fall over if you went over about 27mph but we were happy. Progress was finally made, even if it tips over more than people on a night out. Oh yeah... the doors were messed up to!

    1st Picture
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    Our first milestone!

    On the 1st of September 2020 we reached our first milestone of 10 consecutive players on the server! This was a big deal for us at the time because months of work had gone into the server with very little players sticking with us but at this stage everything was coming together and we reached our milestone!

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    And then another...

    We had only just got over the excitement of reaching 10 players when the word got out about how great the server was becoming. Players were inviting their friends to join, many of which still play today! We reached our target of 15 players on the 7th of September 2020 and we're over the moon. Soon after this our player base was increasing regularly!

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    We went shopping!

    Progress on the server was great! We had a few regular players on the server and we were all enjoying it. There was one thing missing though... We needed emergency service uniforms. We scoured the internet once again to find the best british EUP which was very hard to do at the time. After struggling to add it in game we eventually got there and we had some EUP on AxielPD! Looking back, it would've been great if we had known about our partners Sinner's Mod Shop as their EUP is what we have today!

    1st EUP Picture
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    Vroom Vroom!

    Roleplays at this stage became more regular and many more players used that instead of using FivePD which was running on the server. To add to the roleplays even more, we decided its time for some realistic civilian vehicles to be added. We held this off for a little while as at the time we found it very confusing to add however with multiple people trying to work on getting them added, we finally did it! The 5th of October 2020 saw the addition of the very first civilian vehicle!

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    Time to move out!

    For a few months now AxielPD has various channels and sections within the Axiel Gaming discord server which worked well at the start. However AxielPD grew much faster than we ever expected or planned and we were pretty much taking over the main community discord with FiveM. So after constant suggestions Chicken finally decided enough was enough and created a new discord on the 9th November 2020 just for AxielPD which we are still using today. It was a huge leap for the whole of Axiel Gaming as each division has always stayed in the same community discord, whereas AxielPD was now breaking away to their own new home. Although we have separate discord servers, AxielPD will always remain part of the Axiel Gaming Community Brand!

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    VIAG was born!

    On the 29th November 2020 we wanted to give back to our most regular players. We decided to release a new role called VIAG - Very Important Axiel Gamer. This role gave many of our players access to the newest premium vehicles being added to the server and permission to use some scripts also. We felt like this was the best way to give back to the community!

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    400 Discord Members!!!

    On the 15th May 2021 we reached a whopping 400 discord members! At the start of this project we were not expecting growth this big and we honestly can't thank you all enough! We have many big things coming to AxielPD within the next few months so we'd really recommend sticking with us if you haven't already!

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    40 Consecutive players

    Unbelievable! We have been steadily growing our playerbase and 16th May 2021 was the day we set a new milestone! 40 Consecutive players all on at once participating and creating awesome roleplays. We can not thank everyone enough!

    40 players!
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    100 Youtube Subscribers

    Our YouTube channel is where we tend to create content regarding larger updates on the server, most recently our EUP update. We are set to create more and more content within the next few months however we have reached 100 subscribers without actually promoting the channel all that much. However, if you do fancy checking it out, head to this page.

    100 Subscribers
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    62 Consecutive players

    We're not sure what happened... However, on this day we has 62 players on the server at one time! What an achievement!

    62 Players