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Meet the team

Take a look at all of the people making AxielPD possible. If you ever have an issue, speak to these people!

Meet the team

All of these people help with the daily running and growth of the community. Why not take a read of their bio's to learn more about them!


Community Owner

Haiii, I'm Chicken. I'm a station Manager at TruckSimFM plus the big big cheese over here in Axiel. I'd call myself a Mature Cheddar, or maybe a wensleydale...



Hi, I'm Toxic, you may know me as the one developer from HGVMP, you know that one project that shutdown... or maybe you don't either way Hi. I'm a developer for Axiel working on lots of things, also a resident server administrator for Axiel making sure things stay alive for you all to play on

The Josh


Hi I'm Josh, you'll see me most of the time on the AxielPD server. I add new stuff but majority of the time fixing Chicken's things that he's broken.



Fat Steve.


Community Manager

Ask me what section i'm arresting you for, i'll probably tell you to have a great day and be on your way.


Social Media Manager

Hello I am part of the FiveM staff, I create content for the AxielPD socials like Instagram, twitter, tiktok. I also have my own channel where I create content and stream.



Hey I'm Smelly Doggo. I am Media At Axiel Gaming And admin In Axiel Pd



Hello Everyone!!! I am part of the Fivem staff team here at AxielPD. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.



Hello I’m Blackout and I’m part of the Axiel Five m staff team. I also stream and post videos of the rps and situations that happen in game. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help. Blackoutsfx#3437