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We will always keep AxielPD free for all players to enjoy, but if you want to help us with running costs. Feel free!

Free, Always!

AxielPD will always remain a free to all players to enjoy. This community is built based around player enjoyment and realism and we hope that is what you get. We will never have a "pay to play" server.

How you can help...

These are some of the things your donations can help with

Server Costs

One of the most important payments in AxielPD. Enables us to keep the servers running.

Vehicle Models

Donations can help towards getting premium vehicles from the best British Mod Creators!

EUP Items

From jackets to trousers, you can help us buy new EUP assets for players to use in game!

EUP Payments

This allows us to keep the EUP working on the server so we have the best looking peds!


Donations enable us to buy stunning interiors such as Police Stations & more.

CAD Payments

Our CAD subscription enables us to have a realistic CAD system for emmersive roleplay.

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